Mushroom Guide

Our mushrooms are organically grown, carefully extracted, and tested to guarantee high levels of active beneficial compounds. No grains, no fillers, no shortcuts. We focus on quality, so you can actually feel a difference.


What we all consider a mushroom is technically called a “fruiting body”. Similar to plants, mushrooms also have a root system known as “mycelium”. You can kind of think of it like the difference between an apple (fruiting body) and an apple tree (mycelium). 


So if you want the benefits of mushrooms, you need to use the part of the mushroom that actually contains the beneficial compounds. Makes sense, right? 


Believe it or not, many mushroom products on the market are made of something called “mycelium on grain”, which is just mushroom mycelium that has been grown out on a grain like rice or oats. It’s cheaper and faster to grow – but the end result is a product that is mostly grain starch, which doesn’t really contain any of the beneficial mushroom goodness you’re looking for. Yeah. Crazy we know.

At Alpen, we believe in mushroom powders that are actually made from mushrooms. That’s why we make our extracts from whole mushroom fruiting body, without the use of grain based fillers. It’s the Alpen difference you can feel.

Functional mushrooms are filled with beta-glucans, triterpenes and other powerful compounds. But all that magic is normally locked up inside the tough cell walls of the fruiting body. Alpen's mushrooms go through an extraction process that makes those compounds bio-available, so you can reap the benefits. Every batch is lab tested, with guaranteed levels printed right on the front label showing you exactly what we’re made of.

You deserve mushrooms that will actually make a difference. Mushrooms that are grown organically, sustainably, and with the care and attention that can only come from generational family farms dedicated to quality. Using 100% certified organic farming methods, our cultivation partners grow whole fruiting body mushrooms naturally and sustainably.  

But we don’t stop there. Quality can be quantified. That’s why we test our mushrooms for beneficial compounds like beta-glucans, and ensure safety by also testing for heavy metals, microbial contamination and pesticides before processing and packaging in our US based GMP certified facility.

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