Broad Spectrum vs. Isolate

What Is Broad Spectrum CBD?

Along with our CBD isolate products, Alpen Organics now offers a broad spectrum CBD line! While both types of CBD can help alleviate various symptoms and support one’s overall well-being, broad spectrum CBD delivers a larger range of benefits versus CBD isolate. This article will break down the variation of each CBD extract to help educate how each product serves the user differently.

The Difference Between CBD Isolate and Broad Spectrum CBD 

CBD Isolate products ONLY contain the single cannabinoid, CBD. More specifically, CBD isolate is 99.9% pure CBD. During the CBD isolate extraction process, all the cannabis plant matter is removed, including any amounts of THC, terpenes, chlorophyll, flavonoids, and more. The only thing left is pure CBD and nothing else.

Broad Spectrum brings a more wholesome benefit to the user because, along with CBD, it consists of other cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBG, CBC, and more. It also includes terpenes, terpenoids, flavonoids, and many other plant compounds. All of these cannabis plant derivatives come with their own set of benefits for the mammalian body. This combination creates what is known as the “entourage effect”, in which the compounds synergize and amplify the benefits of each individual derivative. This brings the user a more effective alleviation versus using just CBD alone.

Full Spectrum CBD vs. Broad Spectrum CBD

You may have heard of some CBD products described as full spectrum. Full spectrum CBD products contain the entire spectrum of the cannabis plant (which includes trace amounts of THC). Full spectrum CBD provides whole plant benefits. 

So what is the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD? Broad spectrum CBD is essentially the same as full spectrum products, but without any THC included. This way, the user will still experience the “entourage effect” without the risk of psychoactive effects or having THC show up in drug screens. 

Alpen Organics products have always been THC free and will continue this guarantee through our new broad spectrum line. 

Why Choose Broad Spectrum CBD? 

If you live in a state with strict laws on THC, are sensitive to THC, or live with a condition that may require more support than CBD alone, then broad spectrum may just be the right CBD product for you.

However, keep in mind that every person’s body is chemically unique from each other. A product that works effectively for one person may have an entirely different effect on someone else. Like with anything, it may take time before you find the product, extract and dosages that suit your exact needs. Stay educated, be mindful of your body, and listen to what feels best. Always consult a licensed healthcare provider before consuming new products.

There are other factors to be aware of when it comes to identifying quality CBD. Please visit our Buyer's Guide to learn more.

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